Practice Areas

Commercial Department

Our commercial department covers a wide range of practice including commercial legal drafting, banking, finance, taxation law, registration of companies and commercial litigation among others. Below are some of the areas addressed by this department

Registration of Companies

We undertake the incorporation of companies, both domestic and international, and go through the whole process right from the initial stages of reserving names to actual registration, drafting memorandum and articles of association, where necessary, preparation of the various forms, lodging the documents all the way to issuance of certificate of incorporation, preparation and filing of annual returns. This is done in compliance with the company’s act 2015.

Commercial Litigation

The firm mainly deals with the prosecution and defence of commercial matters, land matters, debt recovery, probate and administration among others. Through litigation, we have been able to ensure that our clients’ rights are defended.

Property Conveyance

We deal in conducting official search, mortgages, charges, discharge of charge, debentures, guarantees, leases, agreements, sale agreements, powers of attorney and transfer of property. We are conversant with the lands office routine and registration of documents.

Personal Injuries

We defend and prosecute accident claims on behalf of both corporate and individual clients as their advocates or advocates of their insurers as the case may be. In handling corporate briefs, we deal either with the Company or with the insurance company. In addition to the above services, we hold seminars with our corporate clients whereby we train staff about trials, court processes, and also enlighten them on the various legal terms used in court, and which they are likely to come across in courts. This is necessary so as to enlighten could be witnesses on what is expected of them in court, and also to make them familiar with the legal process and to sensitize them on the workings of the court.

Commercial Drafting

We undertake: Drafting of Telecommunications agreement, Initial Public Offer Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, commercial leases, all types of real estate agreements, Agency Agreements, merger and acquisition contracts and Building contracts, to mention but a few.

Banking and Finance

In the banking and financial industry, we offer expertise in: Preparation of contracts and various financial documents, advice on all aspects of banking legislation, advice on international development projects and rescheduling of debts, establishment of representative and branch offices of foreign institutions and Companies, Recoveries and re-possessions, among other things.


We advise clients on; Aviation and Marine Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Product liability, Fire, General liability Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Reinsurance, Policy drafting and underwriting, Insurance claims and disputes.


We deal in taxation legal services in Kenya as in the East African and COMESA region is both direct and indirect, making it rather obvious that there are instances of double taxation. Our lawyers give sound advice on tax and planning as well as negotiating and representation in tax disputes.

Property Department

The firm is unrivalled in terms of intellectual property management based on the fact that our partners have vast experience in that area of law. We advise clients on the acquisition of technology, transfer, registration and protection of intellectual property rights, drawing up of contractual licenses, and technical agreements, registration of contractual licenses and advice on restrictive trade practices.

Conveyancing Department

This department deals with all conveyancing transactions which include sale and transfer of property, caveats, cautions, powers of attorney, trusts, sectional property, official search, mortgages, charges, discharge of charge, debentures, guarantees, leases, agreements, sale agreements, to mention a few. We also advise our clients in case of any disputes arising from conveyancing transactions on the various available ways in which disputes can be solved as in the long run, so we have been able to satisfy our clients’ needs. We are conversant with the lands office routine and registration of documents.

Dispute Resolution

The firm engages in arbitrations and mediations as party representatives. As a firm we are honored to have both partners qualified as arbitrators. Mr. Nderitu, is equally certified mediator and regularly conducts mediation and arbitration while sitting as a sole arbitrator or mediator or in a panel of neutrals. Mr. Nderitu is the current Chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya Branch while Mr. Ngugi Kariuki is a member of the institute. They have vast experience in Alternative dispute resolution. By engaging in ADR, we seek to mediate and arbitrate over matters with a view to amicably reaching an agreement or having an out of court settlement. We encourage and advise our clients to consider going to court as a last resort.

Pro-bono Services

During their years of practice, our partners and associates have not forgotten their obligation to society. They undertake pro-bono work and charity work for the needy more so in children/family matters and matters of public interest litigation.