Litigation & ADR services:

  • Commercial litigation
  • The firm mainly deals with the prosecution and Defence of commercial matters, land matters, debt recovery, probate and administration among others
  • Personal injuries
  • We defend and prosecute accident claims on behalf of both corporate and individual clients as their advocates or advocates of their insurers as the case may be. In handling corporate briefs, we deal either with the Company or with the insurance company.In addition to the above services, we hold seminars with our corporate clients whereby we train staff about trials, court process, and also enlighten them on the various legal terms used in court, and which they are likely to come across in courts. This is necessary so as to enlighten could be witnesses on what is expected of them in court, and also to make them familiar with the legal process and to sensitize them on the workings of the court.


  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • The firm engages in arbitrations and mediations as party representatives. Mr. Nderitu, who is a qualified mediator and arbitrator, also conducts mediation and arbitration while sitting as a sole arbitrator or mediator. In engaging in ADR, we seek to mediate and arbitrate over matters with a view to amicably reaching an agreement or having an out of court settlement. We encourage and advise our clients to consider going to court as a last resort.
  • Out of court settlement
  • In the interest of our clients, once we get instructions we try to negotiate with the adverse party with a view to entering out of court settlements, which once attained save much time, energy and also costs.
  • Pro-bono services
  • During their years of practice, our partners and associates have not forgotten their obligation to society and has a lot of pro-bono work and charity work for the poor more so in children/family matters and matters of public interest litigation.

    Field of practice

      1. In commercial department:
    • Intellectual property
    • Commercial drafting
    • Banking and finance
    • Insurance
    • Taxation
    • Property conveyance
    • Registration of companies

    • 2. In Litigation & ADR department:
    • Commercial litigation
    • Personal injuries
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Out of court settlement
    • Pro-bono services

    Legal issues

    Need your legal issues solved?. At Mbiriri Ngugi & Co Advocates, we ensure that our motivated qualified workforce meet all your legal obligations to the highest standard of excellence set by the company. This entire team works closely with one another and with each client so as to understand the different needs of each client and to offer the necessary assistance in the circumstances of each case.

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